Welcome to Neighborhood Psychiatry

We are now launching our regular weekly online psychotherapy program. Click HERE to learn about our therapy program

Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan was founded to fill the gap in mental health care by providing excellent services while working with major health insurances. We understand that getting good treatment with adequate time and attention from staff who emphasize establishing and maintaining good doctor-patient relationship works best for all.

We work with most plans under :

Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Oxford, BCBS, and are enrolling with Medicare. We provide medication management with supportive therapy.

We started Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan envisioning what a good psychiatric practice should ideally provide – solid medical psychiatric care, attentive and helpful support staff, and warm and skillful medical professionals.

Our focus is on the treatment of the following conditions:

Depression  Social Anxiety Disorder   OCD
Panic Disorder  Generalized Anxiety Disorder ➤ ADHD

Why Choose Neighborhood Psychiatry?

Leading-Edge Psychiatric Care within an Integrative, Compassionate Setting

We strive to offer leading-edge psychiatric care within an integrative, compassionate and collaborative setting, centered on an individual’s personal needs in a professional and pleasant work environment. Make an appointment with us today because:

  • We strive to provide excellent, evidence-based and personalized care.
  • We work with several major insurance plans.
  • We offer self-pay options and out-of-network care for plans with out-of-network benefits.
  • We provide a careful evaluation and treatment if within our scope of services. If need be we will provide appropriate referrals.

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