Psychotherapy Services

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  • We provide individually tailored, evidence-based psychotherapy from a client-centered approach. Our therapists work collaboratively with you and your psychopharmacologist (if applicable) to create a treatment plan driven by your goals.
  • Our psychotherapy sessions are a full 45 minutes, provided weekly for four months, with individually-tailored variation. This treatment length provides the optimal time to work diligently toward improved well-being with a focused, goal-directed process.
  • Many reasons for seeking therapy can be addressed by either Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy. Our team will work with you to assign you to the right fit for you.

    • CBT is a focused approach to reframing negative thoughts and changing negative behavior patterns.
    • In CBT, we work with you to identify the problem you wish to address, and adapt an evidence-based, goal-oriented plan to tackle that issue directly.
    • Homework is often given in CBT to allow for progress to be made and tracked between sessions. In CBT, you will learn skills that you can adopt and take with you.

    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a good fit for those interested in working in an exploratory way on their personal goals which may include: increased insight, increased sense of self-control and/or self-esteem, and/or increased ability to recognize and work through emotional experiences.
    • In our psychodynamic psychotherapy, we develop a collaborative treatment plan based on an unfolding understanding of cultural context, core inner conflicts, and relational patterns.
    • Our brief psychodynamic treatment is a way to gain insight and make meaningful change around specific concerns with the support of a therapeutic relationship.

Referrals for Psychotherapy Services


  • We can’t treat all conditions or all patients. We focus on the most common problems so we can help people within the scope of our services.

  • Hospital-based clinics and specialties groups offer a broad range of services for more difficult clinical conditions which require intensive treatment and close medical monitoring.

  • If you require more intensive or specialized care, we’ll do our best to help you find a referral.

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