• Psychopharmacology

    We provide evidence-based medication management in a supportive setting. We use the most current neuroscience to guide treatment with close follow up to ensure effectiveness and safety. We work collaboratively with you to determine the optimal role for medications in your overall treatment. We meet with our patients for 30 minute appointments so that we have the time necessary to understand the nature of your struggles and how we can most effectively help you suffer less.

  • Supporive Psychotherapy with Psychopharmacology

    Our providers are trained in various forms of psychotherapy and will determine what role psychotherapy can optimally play in targeting your symptoms. Supportive psychotherapy is a part of each 30 minute appointment as the combination of psychotherapy and medication has been shown to be superior to medication alone. If your provider feels a higher level of psychotherapy would benefit you, they will assist you in finding an appropriate referral, as we do not provide regular psychotherapy.

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

    TMS is an FDA-cleared and American Psychiatric Association recommended treatment for major depressive disorder. TMS uses magnetic pulses to target key brain areas involved in recovery from depression. TMS may also be used off-label for some conditions such as anxiety disorders. Learn more about TMS, as well as its use in treatment.

  • Neurofeedback (NF)

    Neurofeedback (NF) or “EEG biofeedback” is a brain-training approach, which re-conditions the brain to function more effectively. While there is no FDA-label for NF, it has been used to help patients with anxiety, insomnia, and problems with attention and concentration. NF reads “brain waves” (surface electrical activity called “EEG” or “electro-encephalography”) and presents this information back to the client in the form of sounds and images. As your brainwaves approach the desired state (for example, that associated with calm relaxed focus), the sounds and visual cues become more coherent and pleasant to perceive. In this way, brain activity is gradually re-trained to desired states.

Mental Health and referral services at the Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan


If a higher level of care is recommended to ensure your well-being, we will provide referrals and assist you with following up, as appropriate. This may involve referral to specialists with particular skills and experience, as well as to more intensive treatment settings with additional services to suit your particular situation.

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