Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan provides fee-for-service and out-of-network treatments for people who cannot or do not want to use their health insurance, or do not have health insurance. Please note, if we do accept your health insurance, we are obligated to see you in-network and are happy to do so.

Our mission is to give equal to or better care than what other out-of-network clinicians provide. We offer longer appointment times and responsive administrative staff to support our clinicians, and allow them to focus on taking care of you. We believe people deserve good and reliable care, and do our best whenever possible to be a part of that vision.

Why should I choose Neighborhood Psychiatry for Out-of-network services?

We provide the same high-quality, attentive, careful services regardless of whether you are using insurance or not. If you are paying for your own care, we make sure to provide personalized, medically-appropriate and evidence-based treatment, spending the time to coordinate with other providers. We are also making sure you are offered appropriate additional evaluations and treatments, forming a good treatment alliance with you, to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. With a team approach and administrative support, we strive to attend to you with more resources than other out-of-network providers.

How do I find out if Neighborhood Psychiatry participates with my health insurance?

We can help check mental health services benefits prior to your appointment to determine any out-of-network mental health services benefits you may have. We also encourage you to visit your plan website to verify the mental health benefits provided by your employer for your particular plan, or speak to your insurance provider to find out if there are any “out-of-network” benefits.

Please note, if we participate with your plan, we must see you in-network. We are happy to offer guidance on checking eligibility to understand your benefits and coverage with us. If you have out-of-network coverage with us, we will assist with submission of claims.

We may work with you to bridge your care until your insurance credentialing process is completed. Please contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help.

Financial policy:

Fees for treatments vary depending on time and modality. Payment is due at the time of the visit. The Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan accepts payment via cash, check, debit card, credit card and Health Saving “flex” accounts.

We charge an administrative fee for missed appointments or appointments cancelled with insufficient notice. We will give you a Statement of Financial Responsibility which spells out policies and procedures pertaining to insurance use and billing, patient responsibility, cancellation and rescheduling procedures and fees, and related areas of concern so that you will know what to expect because treatment success is better when you plan your care ahead. We can help you plan your care by using secure communication and reminders so you keep track of important dates and to-do’s.